Wk12-Artist Interview-Alice Andreini


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Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No-Mans Land

Media: MFA, Drawing and Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Artist, Alice Andreini, is pursing a MFA in drawing and painting. She describes her landscape paintings as a critique on the traditional picturesque landscape painting. Rather than painting a clear image of nature, Andreini chooses to paint nature using spatial illusions.

Andreini’s use of spatial illusion is a unique take on the traditional landscape painting. In each of her paintings, one can see a lot of texture, and a variety of colors. Something she incorporates in her paintings is a little flag. For some people, they might not notice it if standing too far. From what I understood, the importance of the flag is like leaving a mark.

Rather than being inspired by nature, Andreini is inspired by her own question of why she looks at nature. From that perspective, she begins drawings. First, she begins with a loose sketch, and then lets the painting tell her what do next. Her choice of color is inspired by the the landscape being observed.

I found Andreini’s use of spatial illusion to be interesting because it is a less common technique when painting landscapes. Andreini’s style is unique, and inspiring. It’s great to see a new perspective towards landscape paintings.


Wk11-Classmate Conversation-Taylor

IMG_8616This past week, I met Taylor. I learned that she enjoys playing basketball, and working out. Even though she is often busy with her sorority, she likes to shop in the free time she has. Her favorite stores are pac-sun and target. When Taylor graduates from CSULB, she hopes to become a speech therapist helping children.

Wk9-Artist Interview-Vanessa Olivarez

Last week I was given the opportunity to interview Vanessa Olivarez. After speaking to her for a while, I learned she loves film. In her art gallery there was a video of her dancing on screen shaped in a trapezoid. The screen was interesting how it was floating in the air.

Most of what Vanessa had on display was presented in some form of video. Another art piece she had on display was karaoke lyrics. The lyrics were a poem written by her. After speaking with her, I found out she loves karaoke, which is why her poem was expressed in that format.

Overall, I learned that the gallery, “Tender” was a small glimpse of Vanessa’s mind and inner thoughts. In her gallery she was able to create a style and feeling while also showing her ability to manipulate light and audio. I learned the audio was a kids toy piano.

Once I walked into the gallery, I felt that I had entered into a place far from CSULB. Vanessa did a great job at creating a uniquely styled environment. I enjoyed the colors that all the screens gave off, and the colored lights she used.

Wk9-2D Art Painting

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This past weekend I was able to graffiti at the Venice beach Art wall. I went with my friend, Nick, and we both painted our own initial. Neither of us had done graffiti prior to this day, but figured it was fairly easy. We later learned that graffiti might look easy, but requires percision and a steady hand. On our first try, the letters didn’t have the bubble look, so we painted the area with yellow and started practicing. Once we began practicing, we were able to achieve the block lettered look we were hoping for. Overall, this was a fun experience, and I’d love to go back with more colors and paint something new.

Wk8-Finger Painting

IMG_8412  Before making this painting, I wasn’t sure what I was going to paint, regardless; I began painting anyway. I ended up having a lot of fun just painting whatever it was I wanted to at the moment. I like the color green, so I used two shades of green and blended them. I also like a pop of color, so I used a few different colors to create contrast. It was nice not to worry about painting something correctly, instead; I was able to paint freely.

Wk7-Artist Conversation-Andrea M

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Artist: Andrea M

Media: Illustration/Animation

Title: “Infinite Cities”

CSULB School of Art

Instagram: @maCnDrees

Like myself, Andrea is from Downey, CA. She plans to graduate in the fall of 2017 with a major in illustration bfa. She was originally going to major in business, unfortunately; she got kicked out of the major. She found art to be her best interest. She has four years of experience painting.

The portrait seems very simple in color, but it has a lot of detail in the way it was drawn. The colors in the illustration are mostly black, bright green, and blue. The boy drawn is wearing orange glasses, and black suspenders. There is shadow cast on his left side as well. The boy has an overall blue tone to his skin, and clothes. The shadow creates two shades of blue.

The drawing created by Andrea is of a character from her comic book. She has a story line developed with other characters. Even though she would love for it to be published, that is not her main focus. She is open to whatever happens in the future. She simply loves creating her comic, and drawing.

I was drawn to Andreas art piece because of the mystery. When I first saw the image, I had not known they boy was from a comic she was making, yet; I knew there had to be a story behind it. I also like the choice of colors she picked. The black background makes the blue boy stand out.