Venice Art Wall-Extra Credit

A few weekends ago Nick and I were able to go back to Venice and visit the amazing Art Wall. This time we came prepared with a clear idea of what we wanted to paint, and that was outer space. Although we were limited in our color selection, we were able to paint the planets, and a few shooting stars. In the end I was pleased with the finished look and would visit Venice again with another idea!


Wk15-Classmate Conversation:Gabby Salazar

IMG_8815For this last classmate conversation I interviewed senior, Gabby Salazar. Like speaker Chantae Reden, Gabby is graduating with a major in Political Science. After Gabby graduates, she hopes to land a career as a defense contractor. Aside from her education and career work, Gabby enjoys to travel and hike. One place she has hiked at is Mount Waldy.

Wk14-Japanese Garden

IMG_8784This week I got to practice the art of sketching. It was difficult to do without the use of an eraser. Whenever I make an error while writing or drawing, my automatic response is to erase it and fix it. Not using an eraser was a challenge in itself. Overall my experience sketching was good, and relaxing. The lower half of the sketches are representational, focusing on flowers and rocks, while the upper half consists of abstract trees and water.

Wk14-Classmate Conversation-Kergina

FullSizeRender-5For this weeks classmate conversation I met second year student, Kergina. As I got to know a few things about Kergina, I realized that we share a lot of  similarities. Like myself, Kegina loves the movie Clueless, and the show, Law and Order. She too commutes from home to school, and lives not too far from where I live. Lastly, I learned she is a part of an elementary school program like I am. It was great meeting Kergina, and I hope she has a great rest of her semester.

Wk13-Classmate Coveration-Yuritzi


This week I met Yuritzi,  a third year student. Currently, she is working towards a major in human development. In the future she hopes to become a physicians assistant. Aside from her work life, her leisure activities include hiking and traveling. Yuritizi has been on many hiking trials, one being the famous Hollywood sign. She has also gotten the chance to experience Seattle and New York. Next January she plans to travel to Turks and Caicos.

Wk13-Artist Coversation-Laura López

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Artist: Laura López

Exhibition: Selvática (wild)

Media: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Artist, Laura López, is currently finishing her MFA. Her artwork is inspired by nature, and the wisdom and beauty within it. Laura’s work shows her admiration of nature and philosophy of pantheism. Ultimately, Laura sees the jungle as her “true home.”

In each of Laura’s paintings there is a great amount of detail. Through the use of color and pattern, Laura creates a beautiful interpretation of the wild jungle. While bright and bold colors are present in each painting, Laura also paints a few pieces using a more monochrome style.

When painting, Laura says her work “explores how pattern and color function as structural elements to build imagery and composition, and construct a visual narrative about the natural world.” Overall, her paintings show her love of nature and bond with it as well.

Although I know little about pantheism, I admire the love Laura has for nature. Her art is an inspiration, as well as the story behind it. I’m inspired by the drawing and painting talent Laura has. I enjoy painting as well, and appreciate seeing intricate and creative paintings.

Wk12-Art Activity

IMG_8687I decided to spend my night without electricity at home. It was not boring or difficult  to do because I am always surrounded by my family. If I had to go a longer period of time without any electricity, I think I would find myself hanging out with family and friends even more than I do now.  Without any socializing, living without electricity would be a challenge.