Wk13-Artist Coversation-Laura López

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Artist: Laura López

Exhibition: Selvática (wild)

Media: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Artist, Laura López, is currently finishing her MFA. Her artwork is inspired by nature, and the wisdom and beauty within it. Laura’s work shows her admiration of nature and philosophy of pantheism. Ultimately, Laura sees the jungle as her “true home.”

In each of Laura’s paintings there is a great amount of detail. Through the use of color and pattern, Laura creates a beautiful interpretation of the wild jungle. While bright and bold colors are present in each painting, Laura also paints a few pieces using a more monochrome style.

When painting, Laura says her work “explores how pattern and color function as structural elements to build imagery and composition, and construct a visual narrative about the natural world.” Overall, her paintings show her love of nature and bond with it as well.

Although I know little about pantheism, I admire the love Laura has for nature. Her art is an inspiration, as well as the story behind it. I’m inspired by the drawing and painting talent Laura has. I enjoy painting as well, and appreciate seeing intricate and creative paintings.


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