Wk9-Artist Interview-Vanessa Olivarez

Last week I was given the opportunity to interview Vanessa Olivarez. After speaking to her for a while, I learned she loves film. In her art gallery there was a video of her dancing on screen shaped in a trapezoid. The screen was interesting how it was floating in the air.

Most of what Vanessa had on display was presented in some form of video. Another art piece she had on display was karaoke lyrics. The lyrics were a poem written by her. After speaking with her, I found out she loves karaoke, which is why her poem was expressed in that format.

Overall, I learned that the gallery, “Tender” was a small glimpse of Vanessa’s mind and inner thoughts. In her gallery she was able to create a style and feeling while also showing her ability to manipulate light and audio. I learned the audio was a kids toy piano.

Once I walked into the gallery, I felt that I had entered into a place far from CSULB. Vanessa did a great job at creating a uniquely styled environment. I enjoyed the colors that all the screens gave off, and the colored lights she used.


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