Wk5-Artist Conversation-Yeri Hwang


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Artist: Yeri Hwang

Media: Studio Art

Gallery- CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @yeriyeti

Senior, Yeri Hwang has earned a BA in Studio art, and hopes to get her masters degree. She has a background in animation and illustration, yet focuses more on the interactive arts. Some of her personal interests include writing stories, and playing video games. For each of her art pieces she a story written. She enjoys writing stories because she finds that people can relate to stories. Essentially we are all creating and writing a story of our own, she mentions.

One of Yeri’s art works that I found to be interesting was a colorful wheel. Not only was the wheel colorful, but its projection was as well. When it was hit with light, the color  projected off the wheel and onto the wall. Another piece I was drawn to was a Michealangelo painting that had a twist. On sheet of paper was a brief explanation of its origin. With the touch of a button the famous image of the two fingers touch,  giving off a flash of light.

As I was speaking with Yeri, I got to know a little more about her as an artist and her  process of creating art. Yeri first begins writing a story before creating what people see in the gallery. For her, writing is a way of preparing. She also mentioned that her art and her stories are often inspired by personal experiences.

As I was walking through Yeri’s exhibition, I could feel her creativity in her art.  I think she not only created art that was visually appealing, but that came to life and brought joy to those who had the pleasure of going through the gallery. Her art was unique, and it made me feel like a child because I found myself enchanted by the interactiveness of each piece.


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