Wk4-Art Experience-ACP

The lucky person Iv’e chosen to send my envelope to is my 23 year old cousin, Nicole. My experience with this project was not difficult. I often collect random pieces of paper or photos that I find eye-catching, sentimental or simply interesting. Some things have more sentimental value than others within the envelope, but all were important enough to have kept. For that reason I’m giving my ACP to a relative who I am very close to, and love. I think she will appreciate these things, and see the value in them due to the fact they are mine. Because I once cared for these pieces of paper I think she will feel a sense of flattery that she has received these items, despite the fact the things within the envelope are just pieces of paper. Bottom-line, I think going through the trouble of mailing someone something has more value and sentiment than contacting someone via social media. Mailing someone something requires me to go out of my way to deliver something to a specific person on specific time, and day. That feeling when I open up mail that was sent to me is much more personal in comparison to be contacted through social media.


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