Wk3- Artist Conversation-Megan Macuen


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Artist- Megan Macuen

Exhibition- Untitled


Gallery- CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

The show held on Wednesday, February 8th, was Megan Macuen’s first show. Macuen first explored the art of weaving during her time in San Francisco. She has over 1o years of experience weaving yarn and continues to weave, while incorporating yarn in many of her art projects. During the interview I learned Macuen weaves not only to create art, but to prepare for her creation as well. Before creating anything, she does not think in her mind what she will do, or make; instead, she weaves until she is in her desired state of mind. From there her hands begin to create something she has not yet mentally designed.

Before speaking to Megan I spent a good amount of time examining her untitled pieces of art. I tried to observe one piece very carefully. That piece is featured in the slideshow above. As I was observing the art piece, I noticed the color palate dominantly used was white, or some type of neutral palate. However, on this specific piece there is a pop of color in a few areas. For example, underneath the table there are different colored dogs, underneath the dogs there is a pink geometric-like stripe, and on one leg of the table there is a lightly painted blue mark.

Macuen’s style doesn’t involve developing a specific story,or reasoning behind her art; rather, she operates by separating her mind and body, allowing her body to create whatever it desires to. She mentioned to me, she doesn’t like having mental ideas for a design, if she does, she rejects them. She doesn’t like to work with a mind set that is already set on a specific idea. One thing  I asked her about was the idea behind the placement of the dogs. To that, she responded, the dogs  were placed underneath the table because to see them clearly the person examining the piece would have to bend down slightly like a child does. A child looks underneath a table and finds different things. That idea inspired her to place the dogs where she did.

At first glance I was not sure what to make of Megan’s pieces. I tried to ignore that thought and simply focus on understanding. Suddenly, I realized her pieces did not ask to be understood, but rather to be appreciated. Her construction and weaving skills are clearly shown to be exceptional. Her creativity is abstract, and eye-catching. Although, she does not work off the basis of a story line like many other artists, her pieces create their own story by whoever has the opportunity to look at them.


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