W1-Art Experience- Plaster Casting

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Overall, I’m very pleased with the experience I had with this plaster activity. The only obstacle I faced was getting the 50lb bag of sand into my car from the hardware store. In that case I had to ask a stranger for help. Besides that obstacle I enjoyed the relatively simple project. Since I had a lot of sand and plaster left over, I made a second molding which my dad kept because he thought it looked neat. I molded my hand rather than my foot because I thought the finished product would turn out more elegant and graceful than a foot. I held my fingers close together when putting my hand in the sand because I didn’t want the fingers of the mold to brake off once it needed to be pulled out. If I were to repeat this activity in the future, I would make the consistency of the plaster much thinner so it would reach all the pockets in the mold, and really catch all the details of the hand. Ultimately, I had a great time creating this hand and have a better appreciation for artists handling heavy objects.


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